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With a long time experience in VPS, Game and Dedicated hosting, we deliver blazing-fast, exceptionally powerful and unwaveringly reliable services. Experience how performance feels with Cotoax.

What makes Cotoax


Experience unparalleled cloud compute performance and speed with our high-performance hosting solutions. Take your online presence to new heights of excellence.

Hasslefree Provisioning

Look no further if you're in a hurry, our VPS and Game servers get automatically delivered after your order has been placed and dedicated servers get provisioned within 24 hours.

Incredible Network

Unleash the power of our robust network infrastructure. Experience seamless performance and reliability with our cutting-edge servers. #ConnectWithConfidence

Leading DDoS Protection

Stop worrying about troublemakers and keep your services online at all times with our DDoS protection provided by CosmicGuard! Capable of stopping attacks up to 4tbps.


Fuel your business's growth with our flexible and scalable hosting solutions. Seamlessly expand your online presence as your business achieves great success.


Powered by DDCL datacenter, we ensure redundant infrastructure for uninterrupted performance and ultimate peace of mind while you focus on your business.

Our best sellers


Ryzen 7 5700X

DDR4 3200MHz

NVMe Storage

Starting at

£12.00 / Month


Ryzen 7 5700X

DDR4 3200MHz

NVMe Storage

Starting at

£5.00 / Month


Ryzen 7 5700X

DDR4 3200MHz

NVMe Storage

Starting at

£4.00 / Month



DDR4 2300MHz

NVMe Storage

Starting at

£8.00 / Month

Next-level DDoS Protection

CosmicGuard DDoS Protection

Modern DDoS attacks get more powerful and smarter. No matter if you are running a gameserver, hosting or small project, chances are high that you will have to deal with a DDoS attack. Don't worry, Cotoax got you covered!

With the extremley strong DDoS Protection, your DDoS attack will be stopped before it even does reach your server! This means that you can use your service without any interruption. Using CosmicGuard we can ensure that your service is always online, even under DDoS attacks up to 4 terabytes per second!

Benefit of low latency around the world due to CosmicGuard's anycasted network! Great for you, and your players.


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1-4 hours response time


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